Bing Bradford School History
Bradford School - Pittsburgh, PA


Over 50 Years of Quality, Excellence, and Success.

Bradford School was founded in March of 1968 as the Berkeley School of Pittsburgh. It operated for one year at 419 Wood Street. The need for additional space prompted the school to seek larger facilities in the Park Building at 355 Fifth Avenue. In September 1970, the school became Bradford School. The need for modern facilities necessitated a move to the Gulf Tower in January 1995. To further accommodate our student body with modern technical facilities and amenities, Bradford School relocated to Station Square in January 2005. We announced in June 2018 that, due to declining enrollments and changes at Station Square, we would no longer enroll new students and that all current students would have the opportunity to complete their programs and graduate in 2018. 

Our academic programs are designed specifically to meet the changing trends and requirements of the modern business world. The continuing success of Bradford School has been largely due to a student population of highly motivated people, a staff of dedicated teachers and personnel, and the respect and acceptance of the business community.