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Network Management

Build. Manage. Troubleshoot.

Networks form the backbone of the business world, so those who can build, connect, and repair these systems are valuable and in-demand. 

As a graduate of Bradford School's 16-month Network Management program, you will have training to:

  • Successfully build, manage, and troubleshoot information systems
  • Understand operating systems
  • Create network security systems

Our Network Management curriculum is designed so you spend most of your time taking classes that directly relate to your career goal. You'll graduate quickly with the technical skills employers want. 


Studying at Bradford School means you'll be learning from veterans in the field of information technology. Our smaller class sizes mean you'll get plenty of hands-on instruction and personal attention from faculty who care about your success.  

We promise that when you perform well, there will be space in classes you need when you need them.  Thus, you can finish on time and start your career.  

As a student in our Network Management program, you can learn about:

  • *Nix applications 
  • Linux administration
  • Microsoft integration
  • .Net programming
  • Implementing and administering SQL servers and Microsoft clients
  • Designing security for a Microsoft network 
  • Managing a Microsoft network 
  • Network administration

Graduate from Bradford School's ASB Degree program in Network Management in 16 months!  Get in, Get done, Get to work! 


Bradford School offers a 16-month associate in specialized business degree program for students seeking the core skills that will help them start their Network Management careers. 

Most classes are specific to preparing you for an IT career, so you can graduate quickly and with the skills employers want.   We offer student focused resources to support our curriculum and to help you be successful. 

To read course descriptions, download our school catalog.


  • IT Customer Support
  • Database Concepts
  • Computer Concepts
  • Database Applications
  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Web Development
  • Web Authoring Tools
  • Computer Applications*NIX
  • Programming Logic
  • Network Administration
  • PC Hardware and Diagnostics
  • .NET Programming
  • Networks
  • Microsoft Integration
  • Implementing and Administering SQL Servers
  • Implementing Microsoft Clients and Servers
  • Linux Administration
  • Managing a Microsoft Network Environment
  • Designing Security for a Microsoft Network


Employment of network and computer systems administrators is expected to grow 6% from 2016 to 2026.(Source: 1) 

Employers are looking for network managers who have not only technical and analytical talent, but also professionalism and interpersonal skills. At Bradford School, we go a step beyond just your technical training. Teamwork, problem solving and customer service skills are integral parts of your training. As a student, you will be trained to prepare a professional resume and to develop proper interviewing skills.  

Network Management graduates can work as: 

  • Help desk specialists 
  • Satellite technicians 
  • PC hardware techs 


As long as you stay enrolled full-time at Bradford School, tuition rates will be frozen for you and will never go up from year to year.  There are a variety of financial aid programs available for those who qualify.